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All Nest Accessories products are made with love. Our products are hand crafted and should be handled with care. Here you will find care information for your product. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us and we'll endeavour to help you out.

Caring for your Fabric Wall Stickers
Avoid rubbing with a wet cloth and exposure to steam, as the wall stickers are not completely water resistant. Clean your wall stickers with a cloth and wipe gently to remove dust. Do not rub. Do not use cleaners, baby wipes or dry micro fibre cloths. For best results apply onto a smooth & clean surface.
DO NOT APPLY TO FRESHLY PAINTED WALLS. We recommend waiting at least 4 weeks.

Caring for your Garlands, Nursery Mobiles & Wall Clocks
Wipe gently with a dry microfibre cloth to remove surface dust. Some products have small pieces and excessive handling should be avoided. Keep out of reach of children. Do not hang your Garlands & Nursery Mobiles within reach of your baby/child. Hang away from the cot/bed.

Caring for your Decorative Mirrors
Wipe gently with a chamois or microfibre cloth to remove surface dust. Add a bit of mild detergent to cold water and gently whip for a streak free shine.